This series contains the following titles:

  1. How to Slow Down in a World That is Continually Gathering Speed
  2. Do Less and Achieve More
  3. Stop Striving and Start Enjoying

HOW TO SLOW DOWN in a world that is continually gathering speed

How to slow down
This book teaches you in three parts and ten steps how to slow down and learn to live a less hectic life. When you slow down, you create more space in your day and in your mind, and the practical tips in this book will immediately bring more relaxation and peace of mind. It describes in accessible language how to regain control in a world of distractions.

Discover who you are
Yvonne Mol takes you to a world where you can truly be yourself and where you can do what is important to you. Slowing down is not a goal in and of itself but makes it possible for you to become who you are. The author combines insights from different perspectives (including psychology and mindfulness) which makes this book surprisingly complete.

Humorous but serious
With a humorous down-to-earthness, yet not shying away from painful subjects, she takes you on a journey. Even if you have already read everything, you will be a richer person after reading this book.

Many tips
The author describes her personal journey in the context of slowing down in a way that will appeal to many readers. The book is clear, it contains many tips that can be applied immediately, and it gives the reader food for thought on many different topics.

Easy to read
The book is surprisingly easy to read and will be of help to many readers who want to experience more peace of mind in their lives. It feels like a personal coach; not inundating you with abstract information, but encouraging you to be the best you can be.


A Heap of Anguish
Slowing Down
What to Expect from this Book
PART 1  Do Less and Accomplish More
STEP 1  Stop Doing Things
STEP 2  Do One Thing at a Time
STEP 3  Choose a Life Without Rushing
STEP 4  Make Time for Relaxation
PART 2  Change the Way You Think and Accomplish More
STEP 5  Discover Who You Are
STEP 6  Live Passionately and Choose Happy Thoughts
STEP 7  Let Things Go
STEP 8  Liberate Yourself
PART 3  Accomplish Even More
STEP 9  Give as Much as You Can
STEP 10  Keep Growing
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How to stop unnecessary busyness, and start focusing on your priorities

Are you moving in the direction that makes you the happiest?
Do you spend your time on things that really suit you, that move you forward in the direction you want to go? Or do you spend a lot of time and energy on things that just happened to show up on your path and that you actually never consciously chose?

Is it hard for you to make choices?
Do you feel like you have so much to do that you can’t possibly get around to doing the things you would really like to do? Are you not sure what is really right for you?

Then this e-book is for you
It gives you tools that you can use to figure out your own priorities. You can discover, in a simple way, what really suits you and how you can choose those things that make you happy, once you are clear on what you want.

Do Less and Achieve More

This free e-book provides you with the means to regain control of your own time. You will learn how you can identify your priorities. Everyone has priorities, but not every person is aware of what those priorities are. Not being sure of what direction you want to go in could cause you to move towards the finish line in a chaotic and rudderless way.

Focus on your priorities
When you stop unnecessary busyness and start focusing on your priorities, you can do less and achieve more. Dare to choose what you do want, and dare to stop with what you do not want. This will help you to slow down and focus on what really matters to you.

About you
About me
How aware are you of what you want?
Exercise: Discover your priorities
How will this help you?
How to move forward from here

How to declutter your mind and set yourself up for a life of joy, growth, and success

How can you stop striving and start enjoying?
The question we will ask ourselves in this book is: how do you get away from inner resistance and choose to feel good more easily?

How can you consciously improve how you feel, no matter what comes your way, without expecting everything to always go exactly the way you want it to? Because that is obviously impossible.

In other words, the question is: how can you choose to feel good in the midst of this world full of contrasts and challenges? We will look at this together.

The best result is always to feel good
I am convinced that the best result is always to feel good. In this book I will tell you why I think that, or rather, why I am sure of it.

I also want to share a practical method that will help you move in the direction of feeling good at any time and under any circumstances.

The path of least resistance
Feeling good is the best result
Choose to feel good
Step 1: Choose thoughts that feel good
Step 2: Speak words that help you move forward
Step 3: Choose actions that give you joy


Stop Striving and Start Enjoying
Learn how to declutter your mind and set yourself up for a life of joy, growth, and success.