This is the privacy statement for the website. It describes how personal information collected is managed.

In this privacy statement you can read how this website collects your personal information and how this information is managed. It also explains for what purposes your information is stored and where it is stored. You will also find out what your rights are with respect to the information and how you can exercise these rights.


  • Who is Yvonne Mol?
  • Why is your personal information collected?
  • Recipients
  • Storage period
  • Security
  • Your rights
  • Obligations

    Who is Yvonne Mol?

Yvonne Mol, that’s me. I’m an author and a speaker. The website is operated by me. Through my website, I provide information about my work as a writer and speaker. If you contact me on the website through the contact form, or request the free e-book, I collect personal information from you in order to be able to respond. You enter your name and email address and that information is then stored and used for what you have requested.

If you leave a comment at the bottom of an article, your details will also be stored to enable me to reply to you.

Through this privacy statement, I want to let you know what happens to your information and how you can express your wishes regarding this. If you have any questions about this, do not hesitate to contact me.

I collect personal information through for several reasons:

Why is personal information collected?

  • To reply to your message
    If you send me a message using the contact form or by commenting at the bottom of an article, the information you enter there is collected. Your name and email address are required fields, so that I can provide a personal response.
  • To send you a free e-book
    If you enter your email address because you would like to receive the free e-book, the information you enter for that purpose will be collected. Your name and email address are required fields, so that I can use them to make sure the e-book gets to you.
  • Google Analytics
    The website also collects information to improve the website. This is done through Google Analytics. For the statistics, information about, for example, the duration of your website visit or the pages you visit is stored. This data is anonymous and therefore not linked to your personal identity. They are general figures that provide information about how the website is being used, but they cannot be traced back to you as a person.


The information receives and processes is managed by:

  • VDX – If you contact us via email, those emails are stored on VDX’s servers.
  • WordPress – The website runs through WordPress. Information that you leave on the website, for example in a comment under an article, is stored on WordPress’ servers.
  • Mailchimp – Any newsletters are sent through Mailchimp.

    Storage period

Your personal information will never be kept longer than necessary to perform the actions, unless I have to keep it longer due to some legal regulation.

  • Contact form / email
  • If you contact us through a form or by email, your information (such as name and email address) will be stored on the mail server. These emails will be stored for a maximum of two years.
  • Google Analytics
    The information Google Analytics collects is anonymous and therefore cannot be traced back to you as a person. This information is stored indefinitely in Google Analytics.


Your personal information will be stored only in the aforementioned systems. They are therefore only accessible through these systems and software. Access is secured with a password and two-step verification.

The devices on which your information is accessed are also protected by a password and/or fingerprint. In addition, the number of devices on which the information can be accessed will be limited as much as possible.

Your visit to the website is secured by an SSL certificate. This means that your connection to the website is private. You can recognize secured websites by the green lock in the address bar.

Your rights

As the user of the website, these are your rights:

  • Right of access
    You have the right to request your personal information that is being stored by me at any time. Please send an email to to get an overview of your information.
  • Right of rectification
    You can always have your data corrected if it is not (or no longer) correct. Please send an email to for this.
  • Right to transfer
    If you need your information to switch to another party or service, you have the right to transfer it. In this case, I have to transfer all of your information to that other party.
  • Right to deletion of your information
    If you no longer want me to have access to your information, you can always have it deleted. Please send an email to
  • Right of complaint
    If you believe that I am not managing your information appropriately, you may file a complaint with the Dutch Data Protection Authority
  • Right to stop data use
    If you no longer want me to use your information, you can exercise your right to stop data use. This can be done at sending an email to, which includes a copy of your ID, in which your passport photo, passport number, ID card number and BSN are made unreadable.


I use your personal information from both an idealistic interest (helping people to make their dreams come true and therefore be happier) and a commercial interest (offering products and services).

Your information will never be sold to third parties.

The information you enter and supply are always the minimum required to offer the service or product.

I reserve the right to disclose information if required by law, if I have to comply with a legal request/process, or to protect my rights, property or safety, or those of my company. In such a case, your rights and privacy will be respected to the fullest extent possible.

In conclusion If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at: