More about Yvonne…

More about Yvonne…

Yvonne was born in 1975 and grew up in the Netherlands. When she was 17, she discovered her love for writing stories. During lunch breaks and spare periods, she liked to escape the hectic atmosphere at high school and find a quiet spot to write the stories that were inside her.

But it still took a long time before she had the courage to follow her heart and definitively choose to be a writer. Initially, fresh from university, she landed a job in an accounting firm where she worked as a tax consultant. The world was at her feet, everything was going her way and her future looked very bright. There was only one problem: she was terribly unhappy.

Because inside her was always that desire to write. It was not until she decided to slow down her life step by step, that she was able to create the space in her days and in her mind to finally become the writer she had always been deep down.

She currently lives with her husband and their two sons in the Netherlands. She now fills her days with the things she loves to do best: writing and giving talks. Through her books and talks, she inspires others to:

  • do less
  • change the way they think
  • and accomplish more

Because that is what Slowing Down is all about!